Sunday, February 26, 2012

A Stylist Sunday: Shoot 2

Today played host to another photo shoot as part of my fashion styling course.
Even though it is counted as an assignment, I never knew a funner or easier task that would eventually be graded. It definitely beats swallowing book after book for regurgitation come exam time!

Today's task was as follows:
Each stylist had to pick three era's of fashion to research, in my case I chose the 70s, 80s and 90s.
Based on each era, two moodboards had to be created, one capturing the style of the era and the other the hair and make-up trends of that time. Effectively six mood boards in total.
After that, we chose one specific era on which our shoot would be based and got the chance to shoot two looks.
I chose 90s grunge as my inspiration.

For the first look I wanted a really grungy, apathetic, moody look in terms of poses and styling.
I think my model, the wonderful Mary-Kate captured it just right.
The neon Doc Martens against the lycra leggings (of which I am OBSESSED with) worked so brilliantly under studio lights. The Silver Factory t-shirt added a new-age gothic feel, and the vintage army jacket encapsulated the 90s to a tee.

Here are some shots that I took behind the scenes.

The second look was more colourful, more fun and a little less dreary than the first. Think Prince of Bel Air meets Madonna. Poses were more quirky with cheeky grins, mischievous expressions and a little playfulness.
I  chose a full on multi-coloured tracksuit jacket which, again, photographed like a dream. Layered lots of denim in different shades, added lace, revealed the tummy, studs and crucifix galore and indeed the bicycle shorts. It ticked every 90s fashion box.

Let me know what you think!

All clothes models own/stylists own. 
Styling: Sinead Kelly
Model: Mary-Kate Lanigan

Monday, February 20, 2012

Style File: Olivia Palermo

LFW: Pringle of Scotland

LFW: MAtthew Willamson

LFW: Topshop Unique

LFW: Mulberry

LFW: Jonathan Saunders

Sincere apologies for my lack of posting, I've been just a little busy lately?!
How and ever I cannot let this all important time of year pass without even mentioning Fashion Week season.
Yes, we are in the middle of London Fashion Week, and as is any fashion lovers dream, I would love to be there, sitting front row, surrounded by the thrill and excitement of all the events, basking in the beauty and glory and creativity of fashions elite...the dream will live on for another season (sniff sniff tear)
One lady who is always on my fashion radar, is the exquisite Olivia Palermo.
Here she is pictured attending her various shows, namely, Pringle of Scotland, Matthew Williamson, Mulberry, Topshop Unique and Jonathan Saunders.
Wow this girl really knows how to put an outfit together, classic, refined, creative and unique.
I want to take this time to appreciate her sense of fashion.
Quite frankly she never gets it wrong.

I think, personally, her attire for the Unique show is my favourite, though her contrasting orange jacket and blue heels at Mulberry come a close second!
What's yours?

Sunday, February 5, 2012

A Stylist Sunday - Photo Shoot 1

You might remember me mentioning a few posts back that I have started a Fashion Stylist course at LA Make Up Academy?
Well today played host to our first photo shoot, where we called the shots as a stylist, made every decision, and preened over every last detail in the hope of getting the very best shot.
The theme I decided to go for was 'California Lovin' - basically a take on a laid-back, vintage-inspired, hippy-chic look. My model and friend, Louise fit the brief perfectly with her long tanned limbs and golden beachy hair, and oh boy did she do the clothes justice!
It was such an exciting day from being the sole person responsible for the end result and everything else in between, to seeing all your work and preparation becoming a reality.
AND it was great fun!
Unfortunately I only have a few behind the scenes shots I took of my outfits as I was laying them out.
I stepped in as a model for one of my fellow stylists, so needless to say it was just a TAD stressful running from hair and make-up to model to dressing to spraying pink glitter in my hair...yes pink glitter!!!
I can't wait to show you the professional shots once I get them back.

In the meantime, here is a finished package I styled back in November for a dance show with the theme of Seven Deadly Sins. I love it (trying not to be biased???) And it looks even better than I expected!
I hope you like it!

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Wishful Thinking: Inspiration Post #2

It seems ironic that with all the flamboyant, vibrant colours adorning the new spring collections on th high street that the Irish weather has turned drastically cold!

Trawling through the shops on my lunch break I 'ohh' and 'ah' at the beautiful garments that I would love to wear, and the amazing sunny weather conjured in my idyllic daydreams is suddenly shattered by the stark reality of the grey bitter wilderness...not ideal!

How and ever I will still wistfully ponder about what trends I intend to embrace for the season ahead and share with you my pick and mix of dolly mix.


As an avid, devoted lover of floral, this one is right up my street! In search of the perfect jumpsuit for spring time.

via on Pinterest

My ring obsession is steadily developing, as is the size of my collection. Eyeing up some beauties in Aldo at the moment, cannot wait to get my hands on them!

via Silver Factory

These t-shirts have been on my list for a while but alas I have purchased this one! Graphic tee to the rescue, (que excited giggle)

via Song of Style

Mint green jeans are a must for me, now in terms of finding the perfect pair, let the search commence.
Also adore the sorbet multi-coloured nails and the layering of the arm candy and just everything about it...

Just a glimpse of my growing lust list.
What's on your lust list for the coming season, do share please