Sunday, June 26, 2011

Bit of a bargain

Leaving work one evening I decided I wanted to pick up a few bits and bobs around town, inject some new blood into my over-exploding wardrobe.
With the funds a little tight where better to hit than good old reliable, boutique du penneys, aka Penneys!
Here are the pieces I picked up.
I must admit I was happy with their summer range, very vintage inspired, a touch of hippy chic, floral in excess and floaty hemlines.
I was also in search of a good pants that would suit any occasion from job interview to an evening gathering but not a chance of catching me donning a pair of those hideous black work pants...gross!
My search was quickly resolved as Topshop bore the pair pictured above - a peach/nude shade with thin brown gold buckle belt with a slightly wider leg than the norm, but hey that's the 70s creeping in - on sale for just €30!!! SOLD
Just in time too, I wore them the following week to an interview paired with a cream chiffon blouse, a lilac blazer with peach/red/green floral print and brown suede sandals (above).
Formal but perfect for summer.
Let's face it I'm a girl who likes her colour.
Chuffed with myself when my choice of outfit was complimented by more than a few that day too!

Beige Jeans - €11 Penneys
Floral Blouse - €13 Penneys
Brown Satchel - €13 Penneys (with H&M Scarf)
Rust High-waisted Pants - €30 Topshop
Brown studded sandals - €17 Penneys

Saturday, June 25, 2011

'I must have it!'

In an ideal world I would love to be able to post my everyday outfits on my blog as normal bloggers do however I am not so photographically inclined (aka I don'y have a tripod and I borrow my brothers camera at the best of times!)
So this is what I must resort to instead - capturing the garments, accessories and other pretty tidbits when I have the camera in my hand!

Ok, so let me explain this outfit.
For the June Bank Holiday weekend I was reunited with my best friend who sadly I had not seen in six months because she studies in Alabama. We hit up Kilkenny city and en route to the club, I spotted this AMAZING neckpiece on display in the window of accessory boutique, Butterslip.
'I must have it!' thinking it was well out of my price range but low and behold, the next day Sinéad here walked away with this gem for 40 squids!!!

Not content enough with the treasure swinging in my satchel, I headed to River Island.
I was intent on bagging the colour blocking trend before the season passed me by.
Style versus debt, we all know which route I chose...
I bagged this sheer purple satin cropped blazer and fuschia pink satin shorts.
I was ecstatic.

In light of my excitement I felt the need to show them off...
So in the dim light of my room I tried to capture the bits the best I could.

I also included my work staples which have been teemed with this outfit on many an occasion - black suede platform boots and black suede quilted handbag, DIY'd with a necktie.
I threw in my new suitcase for the sake of it just cos she is oh so pretty!

The look is very Olivia Palermo once I wear it with a sheer white blouse and black tights - YUM!

Hope you like it - again apologies for the photography

***Floral suitcase - €23 Penneys
Suede Platform Boots - €19 Penneys
Suede Quilted Bag - €90, Mellow Yellow @Oona Conroy
Gem neckpiece - €40 Butterslip Kilkenny
Purple Satin Blazer - €47.50 River Island
Pink Shorts - €33.50 River Island

VSL Jewelry - the true essence of glam rock!

Spotted Fergie, Rihanna, Katy Perry and Lady Gaga all wearing...

VSL Jewelry!!!!!!!!!

My newest obsession, though quite frankly well out of my price range, is the line of jewelry from VSL Jewelry, in...Cork!!!
The collection indulges in edgy glamour, perfect for any fashonista who wants to add a twist to a classic piece of clothing or jewelry.
I'm talking studs, blingin' diamonds, arm cuffs, cocktail rings...the works.
Very high fashion, perfect for the red carpet (cos I'm taking to it almost weekly...I wish!), and just plain damn stunning.

There's not a whole lot more to say except for I want, I want, I want!

Check out the website for the full range of products.

Charlotte and Jane

Presenting to you - Charlotte and Jane - an online haven for all the classic cuts and elegant designs your heart desires, and yes my dearies they are IRISH!!!

I was prompted to take a look at their website during the week and my-oh-my this pair are really on to something.

Taking classic, iconic dresses á la Audrey Hepburn and Jackie O (etc etc), this pair from Cork have recreated these designs and put their own stamp on them.
I'm a floral, vintage girl at heart but come on who doesn't have a weak spot for the screen sirens of the 50s and 60s???

Ranging from shift dresses, cap sleeves, round and bateau necklines, and bows and buttons in abundance, the rejuvinated take on the timeless glamour of bygone eras is refreshing.

Also perfect if you are looking to inject some colour blocking or monochrome schemes into your wardrobe for summer. Keeping a classic cut on trend - you can't go wrong with it!

My darling Rhona from rosetinteduncertainty sprung to mind immediately when I saw the range - I know she'll go weak at the knees!
Soooo chic and elegant, glamorous and sexy...this is a must online stop-shop for the Lust List!

Full range available from Charlotte and Jane:

Enjoy my pretties!

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Aristocratic nomad

Ad campaigns excite me so much...anticipating the new campaigns of the elite fashion houses for the season ahead takes me on far off adventures to outlandish destinations!
Revealing the new Chanel campaign for the new season: Arab princess meets English gentry (in my opinion!)
An odd combination by any comparison - it is absolutely brilliant!
Heavily adorned embellished jewels laden on a base of cream tweed, pearls and rich gems layered on navy velvet, and linen turban-like head bands teemed with jewel toned silks, the combinations...ils sont magnifique!

Chanel - J'adore!

With mastermind himself, Karl Lagerfeld photographing the beautiful Alejandra Alonsa, this campaign takes you on a special other-realm, unworldly journey.

I also love love love the authentic make-up look, it's gorgeous.
Tell me what you think!