Monday, October 15, 2012

POW-er Sweaters

Source: via Sinéad on Pinterest
Source: via Sinéad on Pinterest
Source: via Sinéad on Pinterest
Source: via Sinéad on Pinterest
Source: via Sinéad on Pinterest
Source: via Sinéad on Pinterest
Source: via Sinéad on Pinterest

Strange fact about me that I feel you all should know - my wardrobe is comprised of two different sections.
The first, is rather proportionately larger, and houses my 'normal' clothes (aka shorts, skirts, dresses etc. etc.)
The second is my dancewear wardrobe. My cool, hip and happenin', ghetto groove, urban moves dancing staples. I'm talking quirky graphics, oversized sweats, crew neck sweaters and snapbacks.
Yes, I do agree my two wardrobes are worlds apart when it comes to the style stakes.

However what makes this fact relevant to this post is how current fashion habits are slowly bridging the gap between these two worlds (for me anyhow!)

The oversized, statement, graphic sweater is my ultimate go to when I'm hitting the studio to rehearse.
Never before would I have considered wearing them on an ongoing daily basis, never mind, God forbid, mixing and matching with my 'normal' clothes.

Boy how times have changed! Now and intrinsic staple in my daily outfitting, my crews get a girly touch when paired with floral, or a bold pop of colour with my many Levi cut-offs, patterned pants and accessories overload, I actually get excited seeing my worlds collide.

I am totally drooling over the crew neck of the moment, that green Kenzo...swoon!
For now though, I am staying true to my roots, the men's section of TK Maxx to score me some more treasures!

Sunday, October 7, 2012

Wooly Jumpers

Heavy, hard-wearing knitwear is essentially a basic human right once the winter season kicks in. They say that a 'Winter Coat' is your main investment when it comes to initiating your new season wardrobe - this is how I feel about woolies.
Warm and cosy in a variety of shapes, styles and designs when it comes to knitwear variety is certainly available in abundance.
Over the past few years I have gathered quite an extensive collection of knitwear. Raiding the high street for good quality design, braving men's stores for that 'oversized' boyfriend fit, hitting up vintage shops tracking down one-of-a-kind knits that represent by-gone eras - it's all one big adventure.
Plus, the satisfaction of finding that ideal peace and relishing in it's newness makes it even more special.

However, I realize that there is a slight void when it comes to my wooly wardrobe - a sever lack of Irish made Aran knitwear. The shame!

So I have made a conscious decision. Rather than blowing my hard-earned dosh in Topshop or Urban Outfitters or wherever, I am going to keep it local.

Buy myself an authentic, hand-crafted, quintessentially Irish Aran cardigan.
Just in time for the Baltic season ahead!

In the meantime I have been rummaging online for such knitwear, have a peek:

All items from an online haven for all luxurious Irish merchandise.

Now, which one to choose...decisions...