Wednesday, May 26, 2010

En Vogue

Dance and Fashion, two vital components of my life. When asked to combine my two favourite worlds into one magical world I jumped at the chance (literally!).
As part of a photography assignment I was aked to model in a shoot with the theme behind the shoot "marketing young Irish models onto the international high fashion scene in a Vogue-like shoot."
We travelled to an old mill in Slaney, Co. Meath on what was a stunning day, an awesome location and the results were truly magnificant. A group of 15 or so models, 3 stylists, assisting crew of 5, behind the scenes video crew and the master photographer himself, left Dublin City to make the ideal dream world come to life.
I am wearing:
black leotard by Bloch dancewear
Pink lace/tulle skirt, H&M
Grey tights, 40 denier, Penneys
Pointe Shoes, dancers own.
Styled by Doireann Lally.
Make-up by Rebecca Fahy.
Creative Director, Clara Talbot.
Photographer, Jass Foley.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

A perfectly Smart day

I spent a lovely day with my Mumsy yesterday in Avoca. We weren't out of the car a minute when there before me stood my dream car, that I didn't think I would ever see in Ireland, a PINK smart car! My heart melted and i raced over to take pics of the car and myself gawping at it like a love sick puppy.
Unfortunately, technology has been repelling me the past while so I cannot share my lovely shots with you.(Here is a lookalike model!)

It was perfect sitting out on the rooftop balcony, the sun blazing, the food immense chatting and catching up with my Mam. Avoca is such a beautiful place, the clothes, the food, the ornaments, decorations, jewellery, books...everything is eye-catching, pretty, colourful and is a haven for those with an artistic creative eye. I love visiting Avoca with my Mam, we always have fun, special days. Yesterday proved extra special with spotting my Smart Car and Mam treating herself to 3 fabulous dresses for the summer.
Visit Avoca

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

The Romantic Realm

Haute Couture, for me, creates an ideal realm where romanticism meets reality. Anything is possible, dreams are brought to life, imaginative, stunning, breath-taking creations are placed before our eyes for us to glare at in awe and wonder.

Christian Dior NEVER fails to impress pushing the unforeseen boundaries of beauty further and further with every collection. The Spring Collection 2010 is my favourite thus far, with florals, romantic looks, deicate patterns and shapes in fine sheer fabrics, it is beyond dreamy.

The creative mind behind this collection is genius. Everyone can dream, in this case my dream was brought to life. Every miniscule detail is key, every ounce and shade of make-up, every hairstyle fixated in place, every accessory adorning a further beauty perfecting perfection even more than before. The perfect wonderland was created before our very eyes.

The Old Reliable

Image #1: Worker Boots (River Island)
Image #2: Vintage-look leather and embroidered Satchel (Stradvarius)
Image #3: Vintage Smock Tapestry dress (Om Diva)
Image #4: Denim Shirt (Penneys), Maroon Tight
Cream Corsage (Penneys).

When I'm in a hurry out the door with 5 minustes to get dressed, this is the outift I turn to time and time again.

The dress is a Vintage Smock in a tapestry-type material with loads of beautiful colours embroidered into the floral design. Lemon yellow, khaki green, sky blue, rose pink and maroon, burnt orange and even brown makes it perfectly easy to accessorise and mix and match.

For a daytime casual look I pair this dress with a denim shirt or a khaki parka (weather pending), sometimes with a beige wool gilet or oversized cardigan.

My workman boots add that edginess to a quaint, girly garment.

My satchel has embroidered flowers on the front which match the tones in the dress and matches perfectly.

Maroon tights are a must, subtly different but not "in-your-face" luminous.

From time to time I like to strap my antique pearls that my Granny gave me a few years back around my waist as a belt to add a dainty elegance to this look.

At night throw on a pair of tan leather heels or a nude shoe remove the shirt, add a boyfriend blazer or lace jacket, pearl accessories and I'm good to go!

Monday, May 17, 2010

A Girly Girls Paradise


Image #1 Layered cream skirt, black bow (Topshop).
Image #2 Rose Lace Tutu in pale pink (H&M).
Image #3 Vinatge Pink Lace effect waisted shorts (Topshop).
Image #4 Navy/cream/floral stripe waisted skirt (Annie Greenabelle for Topshop).
Image #5 Watercolour palette floral shorts (River Island).
Image #6 Cream Lace/Tulle skirt (River Island).

My bedroom is a girly girls paradise. Take a dull dreary college apartment (I'm talking magnolia walls and navy carpet) and add a splash of floral, pink, flamboyant interior accessories.

Florals, pastel shades, delicate garments and vintage inspired pieces feature heavily in my overflowing wardrobe.

I decided to pull some pieces from my closet, four waisted skirts and two pairs of flowy shorts (a must for the summer!), and combine them in a romantic setting - that is my bedroom floor - with some of my cushions, blankets and accessories, just for fun.