Tuesday, May 18, 2010

The Romantic Realm

Haute Couture, for me, creates an ideal realm where romanticism meets reality. Anything is possible, dreams are brought to life, imaginative, stunning, breath-taking creations are placed before our eyes for us to glare at in awe and wonder.

Christian Dior NEVER fails to impress pushing the unforeseen boundaries of beauty further and further with every collection. The Spring Collection 2010 is my favourite thus far, with florals, romantic looks, deicate patterns and shapes in fine sheer fabrics, it is beyond dreamy.

The creative mind behind this collection is genius. Everyone can dream, in this case my dream was brought to life. Every miniscule detail is key, every ounce and shade of make-up, every hairstyle fixated in place, every accessory adorning a further beauty perfecting perfection even more than before. The perfect wonderland was created before our very eyes.