Monday, May 17, 2010

A Girly Girls Paradise


Image #1 Layered cream skirt, black bow (Topshop).
Image #2 Rose Lace Tutu in pale pink (H&M).
Image #3 Vinatge Pink Lace effect waisted shorts (Topshop).
Image #4 Navy/cream/floral stripe waisted skirt (Annie Greenabelle for Topshop).
Image #5 Watercolour palette floral shorts (River Island).
Image #6 Cream Lace/Tulle skirt (River Island).

My bedroom is a girly girls paradise. Take a dull dreary college apartment (I'm talking magnolia walls and navy carpet) and add a splash of floral, pink, flamboyant interior accessories.

Florals, pastel shades, delicate garments and vintage inspired pieces feature heavily in my overflowing wardrobe.

I decided to pull some pieces from my closet, four waisted skirts and two pairs of flowy shorts (a must for the summer!), and combine them in a romantic setting - that is my bedroom floor - with some of my cushions, blankets and accessories, just for fun.