Monday, July 30, 2012

Lights, Camera, ACTION!!!

So a little bit more exciting news I just have to share with you all.

Remember that shoot I styled a few weeks back, the one for United Colors of Benetton, this one HERE
Well what I couldn't really spill at the time was that on the day the whole team was being filmed. Behind the Scenes, if you like, start to finish it was all recorded.
For what, you ask?

Fashion One TV, an internationally acclaimed online fashion channel (that shortly has its sights set on airing with Sky), profiling highly recognised brand names, designers and all other fashion talents.
Who's behind the scenes video was published on site and on TV last week?
You guessed it! United Colors of Benetton!

So thrilled, got a shudder of excitement seeing my name credited on the final images too!

Check it out here:
(All artists are credited onscreen, video by Nicola Leddy @RTProductions)

In other news, if you're looking for a light read this evening check out my latest guest post over on What Will I Wear Today?

That's all for now!


Sunday, July 29, 2012

Leinster Square

So I return, after a quiet stint of lack of posting - life does get busy sometimes.
However I am back and with good news and lots to blog about.

Fresh off the plane, I was in London for the past five days where the atmosphere is electric, the Olympics in full swing and the shops stocked to the brim with niceties (of which I raided and scored some serious treasures!)

I love London. So lovely and exciting full of creative beings and eccentric fashions. Really inspirational  when it comes to street style - boy was I dizzy from looking at every second person walking by in all their quirkiness.
That is what I love, the individuality, the commotion and the vibrant atmosphere of the busy city.

From market hunting to high street hoarding, we did it all, and walked hundreds of miles (or so it felt) whilst doing so.

Hoping to do an outfit post of the different days I was there, I present Day #1

You can HYPE the look here

Blazer - River Island
Lace Vest - Topshop
Maroon Levi Cut-offs - Urban Outfitters
Satchel - Urban Outfitters
Espadrilles - Fat Face
Pendant - Shutterbug Vintage

And in other news I am so so excited to announce that I will be starting working with The Silver Factory in the coming weeks. Make sure to check out their website here and blog here or alternatively check them out on facebook for all the latest news and ramblings.
Super excited and cannot wait to share with you all my new adventures once I start!

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Pop goes the Colour

A fortnight ago I embarked upon my first professional styling job 'out on my own' as such.
Having gathered a lot of experience over the past two years between internships, extracurricular projects, completing my styling course and assisting various stylists, this shoot would be different because I was calling the shots on the styling without having someone else around.
Exciting - Yes.
Nerve wrecking - Totally.
That said I enjoyed every minute of it and having seen some of the results so far I am so pleased with how it all came together.
I also had the pleasure to work with an amazing team of professionals.

Here is the one image that I am at liberty to release right now.
Let's just say there are big things brewing and hopefully more to come very soon.

Model: Damilola Queend Oshin
MUA: Aisling Powell
Hair: Jane Akkerman
Photographer: Shelly Radley @Radical Tiara Photography
Stylist: Sinéad Kelly

Client: United Colors of Benetton