Sunday, July 1, 2012

Pop goes the Colour

A fortnight ago I embarked upon my first professional styling job 'out on my own' as such.
Having gathered a lot of experience over the past two years between internships, extracurricular projects, completing my styling course and assisting various stylists, this shoot would be different because I was calling the shots on the styling without having someone else around.
Exciting - Yes.
Nerve wrecking - Totally.
That said I enjoyed every minute of it and having seen some of the results so far I am so pleased with how it all came together.
I also had the pleasure to work with an amazing team of professionals.

Here is the one image that I am at liberty to release right now.
Let's just say there are big things brewing and hopefully more to come very soon.

Model: Damilola Queend Oshin
MUA: Aisling Powell
Hair: Jane Akkerman
Photographer: Shelly Radley @Radical Tiara Photography
Stylist: Sinéad Kelly

Client: United Colors of Benetton