Tuesday, May 25, 2010

A perfectly Smart day

I spent a lovely day with my Mumsy yesterday in Avoca. We weren't out of the car a minute when there before me stood my dream car, that I didn't think I would ever see in Ireland, a PINK smart car! My heart melted and i raced over to take pics of the car and myself gawping at it like a love sick puppy.
Unfortunately, technology has been repelling me the past while so I cannot share my lovely shots with you.(Here is a lookalike model!)

It was perfect sitting out on the rooftop balcony, the sun blazing, the food immense chatting and catching up with my Mam. Avoca is such a beautiful place, the clothes, the food, the ornaments, decorations, jewellery, books...everything is eye-catching, pretty, colourful and is a haven for those with an artistic creative eye. I love visiting Avoca with my Mam, we always have fun, special days. Yesterday proved extra special with spotting my Smart Car and Mam treating herself to 3 fabulous dresses for the summer.
Visit Avoca http://avoca.ie/home/