Tuesday, May 18, 2010

The Old Reliable

Image #1: Worker Boots (River Island)
Image #2: Vintage-look leather and embroidered Satchel (Stradvarius)
Image #3: Vintage Smock Tapestry dress (Om Diva)
Image #4: Denim Shirt (Penneys), Maroon Tight
Cream Corsage (Penneys).

When I'm in a hurry out the door with 5 minustes to get dressed, this is the outift I turn to time and time again.

The dress is a Vintage Smock in a tapestry-type material with loads of beautiful colours embroidered into the floral design. Lemon yellow, khaki green, sky blue, rose pink and maroon, burnt orange and even brown makes it perfectly easy to accessorise and mix and match.

For a daytime casual look I pair this dress with a denim shirt or a khaki parka (weather pending), sometimes with a beige wool gilet or oversized cardigan.

My workman boots add that edginess to a quaint, girly garment.

My satchel has embroidered flowers on the front which match the tones in the dress and matches perfectly.

Maroon tights are a must, subtly different but not "in-your-face" luminous.

From time to time I like to strap my antique pearls that my Granny gave me a few years back around my waist as a belt to add a dainty elegance to this look.

At night throw on a pair of tan leather heels or a nude shoe remove the shirt, add a boyfriend blazer or lace jacket, pearl accessories and I'm good to go!