Sunday, June 19, 2011

Aristocratic nomad

Ad campaigns excite me so much...anticipating the new campaigns of the elite fashion houses for the season ahead takes me on far off adventures to outlandish destinations!
Revealing the new Chanel campaign for the new season: Arab princess meets English gentry (in my opinion!)
An odd combination by any comparison - it is absolutely brilliant!
Heavily adorned embellished jewels laden on a base of cream tweed, pearls and rich gems layered on navy velvet, and linen turban-like head bands teemed with jewel toned silks, the combinations...ils sont magnifique!

Chanel - J'adore!

With mastermind himself, Karl Lagerfeld photographing the beautiful Alejandra Alonsa, this campaign takes you on a special other-realm, unworldly journey.

I also love love love the authentic make-up look, it's gorgeous.
Tell me what you think!