Saturday, June 25, 2011

'I must have it!'

In an ideal world I would love to be able to post my everyday outfits on my blog as normal bloggers do however I am not so photographically inclined (aka I don'y have a tripod and I borrow my brothers camera at the best of times!)
So this is what I must resort to instead - capturing the garments, accessories and other pretty tidbits when I have the camera in my hand!

Ok, so let me explain this outfit.
For the June Bank Holiday weekend I was reunited with my best friend who sadly I had not seen in six months because she studies in Alabama. We hit up Kilkenny city and en route to the club, I spotted this AMAZING neckpiece on display in the window of accessory boutique, Butterslip.
'I must have it!' thinking it was well out of my price range but low and behold, the next day Sinéad here walked away with this gem for 40 squids!!!

Not content enough with the treasure swinging in my satchel, I headed to River Island.
I was intent on bagging the colour blocking trend before the season passed me by.
Style versus debt, we all know which route I chose...
I bagged this sheer purple satin cropped blazer and fuschia pink satin shorts.
I was ecstatic.

In light of my excitement I felt the need to show them off...
So in the dim light of my room I tried to capture the bits the best I could.

I also included my work staples which have been teemed with this outfit on many an occasion - black suede platform boots and black suede quilted handbag, DIY'd with a necktie.
I threw in my new suitcase for the sake of it just cos she is oh so pretty!

The look is very Olivia Palermo once I wear it with a sheer white blouse and black tights - YUM!

Hope you like it - again apologies for the photography

***Floral suitcase - €23 Penneys
Suede Platform Boots - €19 Penneys
Suede Quilted Bag - €90, Mellow Yellow @Oona Conroy
Gem neckpiece - €40 Butterslip Kilkenny
Purple Satin Blazer - €47.50 River Island
Pink Shorts - €33.50 River Island