Monday, May 30, 2011

'You know you love me...ex-oh-ex-oh'

So needless to say, the season finale of Gossip Girl was nothing less than epic. Being without les beaux garcons and the hot babes for less than two weeks now, I am self-admittedly suffering from withdrawal symptoms. No weekly fashion fix from the streets of the Upper East Side, no Lonely Boy or Nate to day dream about, just… the most hanging of cliff hangers, left unresolved until next autumn. The suspense is torturous!

I have opted for my daily dose of GG by taking a look at Blake Lively’s (aka Serena) style over the years since she shot to fame on the show.

I adore her risqué, carefree yet glamorous style and these are some of my favourite pics of the darling who is Karl Lagerfeld’s new Bessie Mate, face of Chanel, and an overall HOT BABE!

From surfer chic to haute couture, this lady knows how to put her best red-soled foot forward.