Thursday, February 2, 2012

Wishful Thinking: Inspiration Post #2

It seems ironic that with all the flamboyant, vibrant colours adorning the new spring collections on th high street that the Irish weather has turned drastically cold!

Trawling through the shops on my lunch break I 'ohh' and 'ah' at the beautiful garments that I would love to wear, and the amazing sunny weather conjured in my idyllic daydreams is suddenly shattered by the stark reality of the grey bitter wilderness...not ideal!

How and ever I will still wistfully ponder about what trends I intend to embrace for the season ahead and share with you my pick and mix of dolly mix.


As an avid, devoted lover of floral, this one is right up my street! In search of the perfect jumpsuit for spring time.

via on Pinterest

My ring obsession is steadily developing, as is the size of my collection. Eyeing up some beauties in Aldo at the moment, cannot wait to get my hands on them!

via Silver Factory

These t-shirts have been on my list for a while but alas I have purchased this one! Graphic tee to the rescue, (que excited giggle)

via Song of Style

Mint green jeans are a must for me, now in terms of finding the perfect pair, let the search commence.
Also adore the sorbet multi-coloured nails and the layering of the arm candy and just everything about it...

Just a glimpse of my growing lust list.
What's on your lust list for the coming season, do share please