Sunday, February 5, 2012

A Stylist Sunday - Photo Shoot 1

You might remember me mentioning a few posts back that I have started a Fashion Stylist course at LA Make Up Academy?
Well today played host to our first photo shoot, where we called the shots as a stylist, made every decision, and preened over every last detail in the hope of getting the very best shot.
The theme I decided to go for was 'California Lovin' - basically a take on a laid-back, vintage-inspired, hippy-chic look. My model and friend, Louise fit the brief perfectly with her long tanned limbs and golden beachy hair, and oh boy did she do the clothes justice!
It was such an exciting day from being the sole person responsible for the end result and everything else in between, to seeing all your work and preparation becoming a reality.
AND it was great fun!
Unfortunately I only have a few behind the scenes shots I took of my outfits as I was laying them out.
I stepped in as a model for one of my fellow stylists, so needless to say it was just a TAD stressful running from hair and make-up to model to dressing to spraying pink glitter in my hair...yes pink glitter!!!
I can't wait to show you the professional shots once I get them back.

In the meantime, here is a finished package I styled back in November for a dance show with the theme of Seven Deadly Sins. I love it (trying not to be biased???) And it looks even better than I expected!
I hope you like it!