Thursday, November 3, 2011

Behind the Scenes - Sneaky Peak

My life as a college student has ended, the real world beckons and the fun and frolics must be left in yesteryear.
I miss it a great deal, especially all my extracurricular involvements with both Dance and Style Societies.
Today, however, my taster of student life was rekindled as I got the chance to style a photo shoot.
The poster will be for an upcoming dance show, The All-Ireland Dance Experiment: Seven Deadly Sins.
Styling 7 different looks, 7 different colours representing 7 different dance styles - definitely not an easy feat.
But we did it!
I begged, borrowed and raided numerous wardrobes to acquire all that I needed.
Off we trotted seven models, five girls, two guys, make-up artist, photography team, show producers and myself to a dreary old cemetery to truly capture the essence of edginess, darkness and sin.
Here are just a few behind the scenes images, professional images to come.

Colours/Sin/Dance Style:
Red - Wrath - Hip Hop
Light Blue - Sloth - Contemporary
Green - Envy - Jazz
Orange - Gluttony - 60s
Yellow - Greed - Irish Dance
Purple - Vanity - Charleston
Blue - Lust - Ballet

Cold, creepy and colourful, we eventually overcame some technical difficulties to get the shot!