Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Stud Muffin

River Island €100

a la Chiara Feragni...250 squids

I am in search of boots.
Goodness knows I have enough pairs already but I want a new pair.
I need a new pair.
Only problem is I don't know what exactly I want.

A brown knee-high riding boot? A low ankle boot with a classic mid heel?
Brown or black?
Come on these are big decisions here people!

I came across this beauty the other week and I tempted myself further today by trying them on.
Black biker boot, heavy studded embellishment, very daring, quite grungy but WOW are they amazing!
I immediately compared them to ones I have seen time and time again...
they are very similar to Chiara Feragni's (of The Blonde Salad fame) design which retails at €250.
Though hers are not overly expensive (swear I'm not counting my cents as I type!) I am leaning towards the River Island equivalent...

What's a girl to do...