Saturday, September 3, 2011

New Found Treasure

The past few weeks, I've been wandering around the shops, you know the same old same old shops, the old reliables, the ones where EVERYBODY shops?????
I want different.
I want individual.
I want mine!
I have discovered the hidden treasure chest that is Anarchy Street, and my, do they resonate my personal almost identically!
It's uncanny.
They stock retro-look, vintage-inspired, laid-back items that scream California chic at you.
Prices are not bad either. Fabulous jewelry and unique pieces this is going to be a definite stop shop for me from now on.
I think a break from the high street is a must whilst vintage shopping entices me and online havens meet my taste my fashion habits are undergoing a bit of a change.
Anarchy Street - a definite for the 'lust list.'

All I need now is an overflowing bank account and all will be right in the world! YUM!