Tuesday, September 20, 2011

A deal with the devil!

I'm baaa--aaack!
My sincerest apologies for the abysmal lack of blogging over the past few weeks. I have been super busy moving into my new house, where internet was lacking until yesterday. So let this be my debut post from my new humble abode, which is super cute may I add.
I have also started an internship with Stellar magazine so I'm rushed off my feet but absolutely loving it!

Let me tell you all about the deal I made with my best friend. Bear in mind that we are both addicted to shopping, no matter how tight the funds are - who needs food when clothes are concerned eh?
So, yesterday, she crossed over my new threshold donning a brand spanking new outfit!
Not acceptable, given that anytime this girl enters a shop she spends and exits with at least one item to add to her wardrobe (Like I can talk...ahem!)
We struck a deal - we will not purchase any clothing from now until Christmas!
Tough? Definitely!
Possible? Here's hoping!

In order to ease the torment and the temptation, I am adding to the lust list.
For now, here are a few pieces that WILL be mine, eventually!
Drool, adore, dream...these tantalizing treats will hopefully keep my shopping itch at ease until Christmas time.

Leopard print cape - Topshop
Gold boyfriend watch - Asos
Boots - Jeffrey Campbell @Nasty Gal