Thursday, August 11, 2011

Tales of a Mannequin

Today I embarked on an adventure of a different calibre.
I entered into the realm of modelling and let's just say it will be a day to remember.
Vila have just opened the doors to their flagship store in Liffey Valley, guest appearance by Vogue Williams on decks if you will.
They recruited 4 models to add to the occasion, hand out flyers, wear the lovely clothes and ensure a successful opening day.

With candy floss buns scraped high up on our heads, make up done and our styled selves ready, we each took to a podium in various locations around the centre - a tad daunting if I do say so myself - but it was absolutely GAS!
Little children were amazed at these tall girls standing in colourful outfits poised around the place.
One little girl was watching me from behind, she slowly walked around to look at me from the front, I smiled at her and boy did she jump five foot in the air!!!
"Mammy, she can MOVE!!!"
I laughed so hard!

There were a lot of perks to the day even if our feet were in agony by the end of it.
A goody back filled with wondrous items, and oh so useful!
And a generous discount ensured none of us were going home any richer than what we started with that day!
Could get used to this sort of work...!

Goody Bag:
Floral Dress - Yes please!
White and black tank tops - On my to buy list!
Umbrella - due a new one.
Dust roller

High waisted beige jeggings - €20 special offer
Brown leather bag - retails at €99.95 but boy did I make use of my discount...YUM!