Wednesday, April 25, 2012

The Lust List: Inspiration post

I realise that its been a while since I have done an inspiration post, nonetheless I am very very excited with fashion right now. The monsoon showers in Dublin are really insisting that I dredge through the inter-web where I am indeed stumbling upon precious beauties!
Fueling my already 'I have a full wardrobe but nothing to wear' syndrome.

Brace yourselves...

Loving...actually...obsessing over the immaculate collection of jewel collars by Joanne Hynes right now. Yes they do cost a small fortune (ahem talking in the region of €500) but a girl can drool, right?

(via Bubbles on Pinterest)

I am loving studded jackets. I love the image above simply because the jacket is so wearable. There's no punk rock goth essence to it. Paired with coloured jeans its brilliant.

I am indeed an avid wearer of denim cut-off shorts, particularly of the frayed vintage sort.
Above are the new, eagerly anticipated popping pink shorts from The Silver Factory. As modeled by Blanaid from Shutterbug, I cannot contain my excitement, for these shall be mine!

I'm excited for this jacket to land at H&M for their line Fashion Against AIDS.
As modelled by my favourite blogger, Aimee Song, I want...

Now where to get me some moolah, hmmmmmm...