Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Welcome to the family...

On a recent expedition to Birmingham with my bessie mate Aoife, retail therapy was indeed availed of in excess!!!
Over the past few months I've been compiling a 'lust list' - a list of items i am willing to save up for, buy and savour for years to come.
Of course the list featured a brown leather vintage-esque handbag. Surprisingly this one hails from New Look!! Priced at just £22 it was a steal!
Now its no Mulberry buffalo satchel...sigh...but it is real leather, gold embellished details and has two separate compartments to fit perfectly my phone, purse, notebooks,  mini magazines, lipsticks, perfume - the lot!
What more can you ask for???
I'll tell you...
Kurt Geiger boots!!!!!!!
For a long time this range of shoes have been teasing me from the shelves but low and behold, Sinead enters the picturesque Solihull shopping centre to find these Carvela beauties on sale!! Brown leather...check, platform heel...check, gold studding...check, comfortable...hell yeah!!!
They're an absolute dream to wear.
Bagged myself at least 4 compliments on Grafton St just yesterday with onlookers admiring The Shoes!
Proud as punch! Best part was paying for them thinking the were £69 as on price tag but were reduced further to wear£59 - 60% off! Amazeballs!
Hope you like my new arrivals...i might call one Three and the other Pearl just cos i can...ahem Im a bit of a big deal don't you know...ahem (!!!!)