Thursday, July 28, 2011

Oh to dance...sigh!

Let me start by saying this is a sad sad time for me...
Knowing that this time last year I was living it up in Las Vegas, experiencing the World Hip Hop Championships and training my butt off to compete with my team upsets me something awful.
This year marks the 10th anniversary of HHI World Hip Hop Championships and five Irish teams have flown across the pond to represent.
I would honestly remark on the ten day experience in Vegas as the best of my life.
Seeing the results updates, the vlogs, the crews, the FUN, makes me well up - I'm serious.

I have decided to combine my misfortune with my passion for dance and fashion and bring you this slightly outlandish fashion post:
the best of hip hop couture!
Since most of the time is spent in comfy tracksuits and basketball shorts (yes I do own several pairs) you want to look good and not like a boy!
Here is my selection of the good bits that give a flava of the style that is seen around the otherwise lavish surroundings of the Red Rock Resort and Casino.
Street meets loungewear meets crazy colours - love it! Crew names emblazoned across your shirt as a shout out of respect to the best.

PS. Hip hop aside I really REALLY like that coloured check blazer.

That's enough for now, don't want to dwell on it too much...sniff sniff tear :(

Big shout out to all the Irish teams, especially Lil Hustlers and the Ghetto Fabulous teams featuring my bessie mate Lisa and her gorgeous girls!

Here's a snippet of the opening ceremony and orientation from this years competition, enjoy the hot topless New Zealanders:

AND last years winners, the almighty all girl crew, Request:


Poreotics tank
Wildchild Blazer
Wildchild Sweater
Poreotics Sweater
Paul Frank Shoulder Bag
Nappytabs B-ball shorts
Nappytabs Harem Pants
Elwood ripped jeans
Dance 2xs shirt
Beat Freaks shirt