Thursday, July 21, 2011

Dare to be Different

Introducing my new obsession: Jeffrey Campbell shoes!!!
My oh my aren't these beauties creative and amazing and utterly brilliant?
Just a few weeks ago, as I embarked on my daily browse on I realised that this girl Anna Wiklund has probably the most coveted wardrobe of shoes (and gorgeous clothes) endless supply of Jeffrey Campbells!
To say I'm just a tad jealous is a dramatic understatement.
But I am indeed in love.
These shoes come in an array of styles, colours, textures, heights each one more eccentric and unique as the next.
Priced reasonable between $145-$175 dollars on average, they surely are investment items that will brighten up any wardrobe.
I'm currently contemplating making the bold move and purchasing even if it means I don't eat for the guts of a month!
My absolute favourites are the leopard print ankle boots with pony hair and fuchsia pink toe caps - magnifique!
I wouldn't say no to the tapestry style either.
From intergalactic space gliders to yeti boots, Mr. Campbell surely mixes up the wacky and the wonderful.
Pine over the entire collection here