Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Viva Las Vegas


I tried to forever avoid the saying in the title bar, really I did but I cannot manage to compose any other phrase to sum up the city that truly never sleeps!
I have returned from the land of makebelieve that I had never envisioned myself visiting only in my wildest dreams and though there were a few hiccups here and there with hotel staff and the legal age being 21, I had the trip of a lifetime. Words cannot describe my experience in a worthy way to serve it any justice. I will let the pictures speak for themselves.
Blissful sunshine (according to my own scientific analogy!) releases endorphines, endorphines make you extremely happy and boy were we bountifully delighted with life over in Vegas!
The shopping was an awesome experience, (though I bought way too much and have now taken a vow of abstainance from buying clothes as my closet no longer closes!) and the long heard tales of shopping in the States met my expectations!
To our luck, the Fashion Show Mall (brilliant name) had just opened a new store, the biggest of its kind in America, FOREVER 21. I was so overwhelmed by the ginormity and sheer volumes of clothes, shoes and accessories at bargain prices that I only bought a few bits and bobs on my first visit and that was before even realising there was a second floor! I had to return with a map and a gameplan in hand before even considering what to buy! I emerged a happy laydee with bags hanging off me left, right and centre. The clothes and shoes are amazing but the accessories are to die for and are ridiculously cheap!!! I bought some amazing pieces, I hope to do a sole feature on them very soon.
Shopping aside, the dancing at the World Hip Hop Championships was nothing short of incredible. A huge shout out to Lil Hustlers of Ireland who brought home the Bronze in the Junior category. The atmosphere, the entertainment and the people were brilliant and I genuinely had the time of my life. Akademix performed really really well and our team got closer and great memories were made.
The nightlife on the famous STRIP exceeded my expectations ten-fold. What you see in the movies and on TV is real, real I tell you! We united with our long lost friends, who are spending their summer in San Francisco, as they made the trip to Vegas for a wild one! Wild it was, I pulled an all nighter with my 3 hardcore amigos, Emer, Stevi and Ian and had the night of my life! It was utterly fabulous!
Not to forget about the resort itself, the Red Rock resort was the epitome of luxury. I miss my bed (who ever says that about a hotel room eh?) I also miss the pool cos now I have no reason to wear my cool bikini anymore - see photo, it's floral (!) and high waisted I love it so much!
Back to the land of reality now, jet lag is proving to be a creep who will not leave me alone. Many more summer adventures to come, not in Vegas but that place will never be forgotten!
As I return from my short lived adventure to the USA I would like to bestow the very best of luck to my best friend Aoife as she embarks on her scholastic adventure to Alabama where she starts university not to return until Christmas, gonna miss you Hick xoxo