Monday, May 21, 2012

Pristine in Pastels

I am amidst preparations for a photo shoot tomorrow which I am very excited about!
It is quite an on-trend theme with a pastel colour palette taking precedence but I want to give it a little bit of a contemporary edge with accessories and varying textures and so on.
So I thought I would share just a few of my inspiration images with you simply because the colours are lovely and oh so appropriate for the beautiful summer day we are having here in Dublin.
Katie Rogers on Pinterest

Suzanne on Pinterest

Olivia on

TJ Kinsey on Pinterest

Olivia on

Hedvig on lookbook

I'm seana on Pinterest

Borghildur on Pinterest

Ashley Mosley on Pinterest

Looking forward to a good day of shooting tomorrow.
In the meantime check out my guest post for WhatWillIWearToday published here today. It's a tad controversial but let me know what you think!