Monday, January 16, 2012

Wishful thinking: Inspiration Post #1

Do you ever get to the stage of reading whats seems like millions of fashion blogs, magazines, viewing photo galleries, mood boards...the list goes on...and still you have NOTHING to blog about?

It seems strange being so immersed in the creative world of clothing yet so removed from updating you last blog post.
Writers block, you are a divil!

So instead of resigning myself from the blogging world, I have taken the initiative to do a bit of an inspiration post/lust list update.

Low and behold, my new found fancies:

I know I have posted this beauty before, but alas I would be homeless if I was to take the plunge and by comes first! (ASOS)

In love with all neck pieces, bejeweled and chunky. This one vintage Chanel...I can dream

Loving the new tribal inspired lines of the moment, toughened with black biker jacket yet a romantic touch with a rose cropped shirt (Nastygal)

Turquoise stones pop on a nude, minimalistic palette - I'm hooked (Nastygal)

Layering bracelets is so refreshing and with an array of colours as featured on Aimee Song's arm, brighten up any dark outfits

I actually have this pink jumper (Zara) and coincidently I wore it last week upon starting my new course with black disco pants, my hair in a top know, somewhat similar to Chiara Ferragni (

I have just embarked upon a fashion styling course with LA Make Up Academy here in Dublin.
I am so excited about it and so far so good it is exceeding my expectations.
Watch this space for regular updates, photoshoots and styling.

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