Monday, July 19, 2010

"Bags are packed and I'm ready to go....."

So I spent the evening packing for my trip to V-V-Vegas!!! Basically I leave this weekend for the Big City in the Desert for 12 days fro the World Hip Hop Championships. I am so excited words can hardly describe it. However, I had a little predicament before deciding what to pack : dress as a dancer (aka look like a boy in baggy sweaty clothes), or dress like my usual quirky, floral, cute styled self??

Hmmm it was a toughy, but I think I have reached an appropriate compromise bringing floral to the world of hardcore hip hop and edginess by means of hi-tops and vivacious colour to my individual style! Why change who I am, try way to hard (usually ends disastrously for me) and be somebody who I am not wholly, Yes I am a dancer, I am also many other things and fashion and style make up some of those things, so I am gonna mash up styles and hope it goes down a treat!

I have quite an ecclectic mix of garments and patterns in my suitcase, which is only half full let me add (!) and it looks oh so pretty. Shorts, skirts and various tops will keep me comfortable in the searing Nevada heat. Bikini's for by the pool, my new high waisted set which I am in love with, light cotton jackets to cover my poor pale skin from scorching and a few pretty ensembles for evening escapades. Photos form my trip to follow!!! VIVA LAS VEGAS!!(Corny I know, but hey, when will I ever get to say that again??)

PS. Check out our hotel....DIVINE!!! Red Rock Resort

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Boots are Made for Walkin'

I'm so excited about this entry to show everyone my new boots! It has been quite a while since I have bought a new pair of heels and even though these boots are casual they are easily dressed up or worn every day. The first time I saw these beauties was back at Christmas time but I was so broke after the holidays this specific item never made it off my wishlist - until yesterday!

I was strolling around Dublin enjoying the blissful sunshine, the enormous crowds of people, the buzzing atmosphere and BANG-SMACK staring at me was a hug SALE sign in the window of River Island, one of my favourite high street stores.
Earlier yesterday morning, my Mam called from home and unfortunately the boots of my obsession were not reduced in price so I thought the odds were stacked against me.
BUT the Grafton Street store answere all my prayers with my prize being only €42 a bargain if ever I discovered one!
I also bought this gold anchor pendant neck piece which I feel has a daring vintage feel about it.
I cannot wait to wear my new booties, the excitement is overwhelming! Bring on the weekend!

Monday, July 5, 2010

Fun in the Sun

This weekend I managed to make it home from the "Big Schmoke" after a 6-hour danceathon in Dundrum Town Centre on Saturday. I had a great day, sunshine, dancing, fun with friends and yummy food all for to raise funds for our Hip Hop Crew, Akademix, hitting up Las Vegas for the World Hip Hop Crew Championships!! Check out the pics!

While in Dundrum I paid Urban Outfitters a visit and was pleasantly surprised to find that they had their sale in full swing! I took full advantage of the opportunity and scooped up some nice little pieces for going away in 2 weeks!

Lounging around at home yesterday, I joined forces with my little brother who took a few shots in my garden.
Wearing: Red Skinny Jeans - River Island
White/Blue Stripy oversized Tee - Urban Outfitters
Pendant - River Island
Bangles - A collection of Vintage, H&M and Penneys

I am going to need some help packing for my Vegas Trip. I've never been to the USA before and I know Vegas is going to be HOT HOT HOT!!! So please leave any comments to help me pack for Worlds!