Friday, November 5, 2010

Oh how I love you...

For those of you that have been in hibernation, closed off from the rest of the world, I am here to tell you the best news I have heard in a long time.

FOREVER 21!!!!
The first European flagship store is opening it's doors in Dublin's Jervis Shopping Centre, Saturday November 13th.

This fact was drawn to my attention last February or so whilst reading The Irish Times Online, an article documenting Forever 21's arrival to Dublin.

During my trip to Vegas in July, I fell in love. Not a typical holiday romance mind you. No, I fell in love with the largest and newest of the American chain store. Cheap, chic, cheerful and any fashionista's paradise, I spent about 7 hours there over two days. gazing in awe and wonder at the amazing bargains, incredible interior design and styling, and of course buying all around me.

And's here!!! On my doorstep. Unfortunately I won't be attending the opening, an exciting and momentous occasion no doubt. I will however be paying a little visit next week, piggy bank in hand!

I cannot wait!!!!!!
(I'm not excited, i swear!)