Saturday, February 16, 2013


It's been a while, it's been a busy busy busy ole while, and I apologize profusely for my blogging absence. See this 'real world' business where one is, ahem, all grown up, has a real world full-time job and a crazy schedule, is certainly hectic! In the midst of all this, my blogging has sort of slipped by the wayside. Not for lack of good intentions nor hopelessly missing my regular fashion rants, life has just gotten in the way a little bit.
BUT, I will not give up! I will make the time, multi task my actions and ensure my little fashion outbursts continue.

So for now, a short instagram round up, featuring some adventures, some outfit pics and other random things!

(L-R: Daily organisation - diary, phone, purse; OOTD feat. sequins and fedora; Spoof Chanel Sweatshirt; OOTD feat. florals and sequin skirt; Snowy morning outside my house; OOTD feat. American Apparel coat; Nude nail polish; My new book - Grace; OOTD feat. American Apparel coat and new scarf; My gorgeous new scarf I received as a special gift )

So here's to a new start, reviving my blog and keeping up with the fashion fancies.