Saturday, March 17, 2012

A Stylist Sunday: Photo Shoot 3

Yes, I do realize that this post is six days late but it is here nonetheless.
Last Sunday I had a big photo shoot, organized by yours truly from beginning to end.
The shoot had to be inspired by a fairytale.
You could say I was in my element!

My inspiration came from the tale of Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs.
I wanted to take elements of the story for which it is renowned and taper them to a modern, contemporary lifestyle.
Without giving too much away, I may have taken the quote 'Mirror, mirror on the wall...' to life in the element of fashion.

The shoot went really smoothly and the results (what I've seen so far) are fantastic.
However the day would have been nothing had it not been for Lil Hustlers crew (from this seasons Got to Dance) who were a dream to work with.
They came to life in front of the camera, had myself and my team crying laughing at their 'supermodel' antics and wowed us at the end of the shoot with a little dance treat.

Here are just a few snapshots from behind the scenes, hope you like!

Model(s): Gráinne Hemeryck, Lil Hustlers
Make-Up: Anca Condrache (top two images courtesy of)
Photographer: Deirdre Fitzpatrick
Styling: Sinéad Kelly

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Krushing on Karlie

Model of the moment, hot babe of our time, Karlie Kloss is distinctly a fashion force to be reckoned with.
Having a host of elite fashion labels on her modeling CV, she has shot from strength to stardom in the past year. From acclaiming the prestigious title of a Victoria Secrets angel to closing the Dior show at Paris Fashion Week just a few days ago, is there nothing this all-American beauty cannot do?

Her phenomenal height and exquisite body leave guys and girls drooling as the goddess braces every fashion medium from catwalk to billboards, editorial spreads to TV advertisements.
You can probably tell I am in awe, and slightly jealous...!

One of my favourite editorials featuring Ms. Kloss is entitles Lady Luxe. Featured in British Vogue for March 2012 and shot by Mario Testino, her elegance, grace and sheer talent is captured to perfection. Her beauty transcends decades as she brings an old school fifties glamour to life in a modern and exciting way.

I wait in anticipation for what's next on her fashion agenda.
Till then we drool...

Images by Mario Testino