Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Whitney Eve

I can't wait for tomorrow morning when I can watch the latest episode of The City online.
I have been asked time and time again who my fashion icon is and usually I answer that I don't have one idol who inspires me - I draw from different styles, eclectic tastes and various people.

Whitney Port, star of the acclaimed The City, is definitely someone who I look up to. Her amazing eye for style, phenomenal talent for designing and her fashion-filled life are but a few things I admire her for. As Whitney is going from strength to strength in the fashion world, her line Whitney Eve is fast becoming a household name with the big shots in the industry.

I follow Whitney's blog, an online diary of sorts in which we see her genuine, caring, fair character that everyone loves. From fashion to family visits, she is open and honest with all her fans whom she cherishes indefinitely.

My style is very similar to her flirty, vintage, thrifty, flowy style (minus a few zero's on the price tag!). I love her combinations of high street buys, thrift finds and high end pieces which she so cleverly and delicately mixes and matches to create awesome masterpieces that are the envy of any budding fashionista.

Thes photos are some of her pieces from the Whitney Eve Autumn/Winter line 2010 and some fan pictures.
Whitney's blog: http://whitneyport.celebuzz.com/
Now to wait for the new episode!!!!!

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Vintage Vessel

Unfortunately, dealing with technology is not a forte of mine. I've been trying time and time again to rearrange my blog, update my layout and find the perfect background. So...(Brace yourself...) I present to you my revamped dream land. Here it is for now, a vintage inspired look, infested with florals (who would have thought it!) and gentle, tarnished colour. While on a google images spree in search of my new wonderland, I discovered a pile of amazing photographic arrangements. In the photos are little collections of wonderfully antique, delicate and timeless objects that would make most girls swoon at the sight of them. I'm talking bits and bobs from pearls to porcelain dolls, measuring tapes to sewing machines, and from cherubs to cute storybook children. I will be so kind as to share a few of my treasures from my golden trinket with you. I promise there will be a hell of a lot more to follow! Watch this space! Let me know what you think!

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

My Humble Abode

Moving house has meant that I have been busy and without internet connection for the past few days so I have had no means to blog.
However, my new house has inspired this entry. I had to leave my campus residence for the summer and look for alternative accommidation, which is usually a dreaded task to undertake with the places you find being almost as dreadful! Not this time though. My new house is really lovely, brand new interior, modern, practical and it resembles a holiday home - I love it!
My new room as you can see from the pictures is really spacious. I have my own double bed for the first time ever, a TV, tons of storage space and I even have space for my mannequin stand and Audrey Hepburn Dressing Screen.
I finally have a fashion corner in my room! I only unpacked and arranged my room yesterday so it's still not finished. Never before have I had room for my dressing screen, a special gift from my Mam because she missed me when I didn't visit home for 5 weeks during the last semester, I cried when I saw it. My mannequin was aqcuired during another adventure with my Mam. We were in Avoca, one of my favourite places (see older post), when we spotted this mannequin. It is tweed and twine with a cream vintage-look stand. It was on display and we bought it literally from the window at a reduced price!
My room is an abundance of florals, the epitome of girliness and it's really relaxing. I love my new home!