Saturday, June 26, 2010

Vintage Vessel

Unfortunately, dealing with technology is not a forte of mine. I've been trying time and time again to rearrange my blog, update my layout and find the perfect background. So...(Brace yourself...) I present to you my revamped dream land. Here it is for now, a vintage inspired look, infested with florals (who would have thought it!) and gentle, tarnished colour. While on a google images spree in search of my new wonderland, I discovered a pile of amazing photographic arrangements. In the photos are little collections of wonderfully antique, delicate and timeless objects that would make most girls swoon at the sight of them. I'm talking bits and bobs from pearls to porcelain dolls, measuring tapes to sewing machines, and from cherubs to cute storybook children. I will be so kind as to share a few of my treasures from my golden trinket with you. I promise there will be a hell of a lot more to follow! Watch this space! Let me know what you think!