Monday, October 7, 2013

Thigh's the Limit

Legs for days - that's what we all want right?
Behold the answer to all your dreams of having pins that rival the ole supermodel brigade - 
thigh high boots!
The most flattering of winter boots, if you can get them right.
So easy to carry off on an everyday basis once the following ideals are adhered to:

1. Choose boots that have a soft finish like suede or velvet, or even a matte leather
2. A chunky heel, platform or flat sole works for casually yet has that touch of sophistication
3. Don't be afraid, they're only boots - rock em loud and proud!

Note - avoid patent or shiny leather, buckle overload and skyscraper heel know why?!

I've just got my claws on the divine, must-have Miista Emi thigh highs, as modeled by the amazing Lauren Bejaoui for Folkster! Super comfy, the longest legs of life and sheer perfection! Now available here >>